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08-10-2010, 02:29 PM
I've been thinking about some ideas for the whole turning a bo into a npc pet captain, as this would definately give your admiral characters something to literally justify their rank within the scheme of things.

But there should be some stipulations, for example for a commander boff to be eligable for promotion he should have the experience required so it should be limited to boffs that have been at commander rank for at least 60 days or someother reasonable amount of time the training process should take a day or so to represent the boff going to sf command and getting a ship and running shakedowns with the new crew. The ships in heneral should probably not be as powerful as your own the idea of everything for the boff captain being capped at mk viii is perfect for this.

And occasionally you should receive hails from your boff captain about situations that his ship has ran across think of it as a sort of oregon trail type method. You are presented with a situation and a status report and then tell him on which method to proceed and depending on his ship and traits have it calculate some form of reward or loot table for him and his crew or adversely a penalty.

For example let's say capt davenport was your former chief engineer and was recently given command of one of your garage cruisers a galaxy for instance. He hails in repirting that he has run across some orions trying to run a blocade into cardassian space gives the status of his ship at 100 percent and presents the following options, intercept the orions, inform/assist the blocade or scan the orions .

Let's say you choose to intercept the following occurs: the capt boff's traits, ship type, and efficiency/health status are all calculated into a matrix and averaged against the orions with the choice to intercept providing some modifiers and a result value is generated and a decision given based on where it falls in the table.

For example capt davenport reports that he was able to intercept the orions and in the ensuing combat was able to disable 2 of the 3 ships however his warp engines are damaged and he needs to return to starbase ds9 for repairs. Result: gained random loot items, exp, and capt davenport cannot be used for 8 hours due to repairs

Just some random thoughts all typos due to RIM making far too tiny keys on blackberries