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08-10-2010, 09:33 PM
I think this could be done well, though it would be unbelievably difficult to pull off.

Voice chat could be done with external programs, like you already would with your fleet.

It might even be interesting to be able to turn off captain control of the ship and have a helmsman fly it. Either have player manned turrets along with the auto-firing phasers or use a mini-game type thing to acquire the targets for the phasers, which could open the door for subsystem targetting (which SHOULD require skill and practice to pull off). They could try it out with a mission where you are stationed on this kind of a ship and use many stations and defend the corridors when enemy troops board the ship. If player response was good, they could flush it out, if not, then just let it be a mission that people could work on.

It would require extreme precision on Cryptic's part though. Make it too easy, and it will just be terrible. Make it too hard, and most people won't try. Make it just right and people will get a good mix of tactical operations and skill-based tactics (targetting/repairing/med bay) that follows the guidelines of "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master."

In the far far future, it would also be a great center of UGC. There's talk of fleet bases which could be replaced by these ships or be required to build one of these ships.