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08-11-2010, 03:09 AM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
I would be cool with a major focus on the Klingon side and a minor focus on the UFP side, but not zero DEV attention. But I definitely wouldn't be cool having to wait a whole 6-12 months to make another faction.

I know how you feel, I made a Klingon character at launch and din't start playing him again until a month ago, because well, Klingon side sucks right now.

AS for the C-Store, if it was just visual stuff, I wouldn't have a problem for the most part. But it just isn't, there are too many things with unique in-game effects in the C-Store.

Races with unique traits, ships with unique abilities, unique weapons, etc.

And it doesn't help that one of the main arguments by Cryptic is that they need it "to justify new art and content. Otherwise we would have to wait for them to make content that required it." That is all well and good, but correct me if I'm wrong, Ferengi and Klingon characters were already in missions at launch, so why did they have to charge for them?
What unique weapons are you referring to?

There are only 1 ship with unique abilities - The Galaxy-X (which, again, is a buttugly abomination the would would be better without) - The retrofits you get one for free at VA1, if you want all 3, yes you have to pay
for it.. However you turn it, it *is* availible ingame.. The T1 Connie is a D2D bonus, I think it is cool they can be aquired through, but it would be lamesauce to have them for free, when some people (no, Im not one of them) have bought multiple copies to get multiple sets.

Unique traits? The difference is minor at most.. I doubt anyone can tell the difference between unique traited character A and custom alien B.. The reason to get these unlocks are for the visual - Not the traits.

As for the Fed Ferengi and Klingon - Neither race is one I can see in abundence in Starfleet..

Ferengi is supportive for the Federation, but the average Ferengi is hardly interested in Starfleet.. They are for the vast majority profit hoarders, and there isnt really "profit" in joining Starfleet.

Klingons are at war with the UFP, I doubt more than a very few outcasts or traitors would even consider Starfleet.

I dont see anything wrong with them being CS. (just wish there were fewer Klingon and Ferengi BOs as well)

Come now, how often did Worf (who *severed* ties with the UFP at the beginning of the war) run into another Klingon in Starfleet? How many Starfleet uniformed Ferengi did Nog encounter?