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08-11-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by herocreator View Post
They could try it out with a mission where you are stationed on this kind of a ship and use many stations and defend the corridors when enemy troops board the ship. If player response was good, they could flush it out, if not, then just let it be a mission that people could work on.

In the far far future, it would also be a great center of UGC. There's talk of fleet bases which could be replaced by these ships or be required to build one of these ships.
Now, I really do like this idea of trying this out with a mission in order to see the players' like or dislike to it. You could tie a mission like this to the idea of "missions for tiering up lower-level ships through upgradeable consols" idea that's been kicking around. (found here:

If players really like the idea, then they could find out quick on the tribble server while battling an NPC enemy before having to actually implement this to an actual ship. You could call it a 'Captain is incapacitated' mission, where you have to take over by beaming down to another ship where the captain is clearly dilerious (Undine?), and you and other players would suddenly have to mann the consols to save the ship from distruction.