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08-11-2010, 11:12 AM
there is a problem with this whole subsection, here ill correct it lol

2) Subscription pays for :
season 1
Content A: non functional, buggs and mission attributes. put into content B hopefully
Content B: still non functional, still missing attributes from Content A. fix content A bugs, push to content C
season 2
Content C: 1/2 content A complete, fix content B, content A still buggy on fix but workable. Content B still not fixed No function to it yet. add cosmetic to gloss over content B missing attributes

Fans wanted what was shown in video, which is Content A: Fans get Content 0.9A and beta B
Fans wanted ships not skins got cosmetic skins with no real function inside ship.

The C store was portraid as an accesory store to add additional features to the game. as content was added in the game per season. Ship skins are additional features. SHips are not additional features but that which we where promissed as per videos and press conference.

here is what i see so far in sto as ships

4 ranks 3 types of ships
1 rank 5 types of ships

so you only have at each rank 3 ships to choose from.
a tactical,

their is no different in the catagories inside the respective feilds. after you reach RA you get to choose 2 additional ships. your choice of having a different ship console. This is based off of cryptics interpeting the ships and not canon. From the videos and promos we are owed ships. id have to say about 5 ships we are owed that are presented in the video and talked about in the press releases. As for content. dude when they actually finish content and functionality in the game let me know.