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08-11-2010, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Sollaf View Post sugestions is to have older TW CD, such as ESD, go down as your level increases. The shared cooldown should only be about 5-10 mins. Also, you should recieve the new Transwarp when you are at the level to access the sector missions. DS9 TW should open when you make captain. K7 when you reach Lt. Cmd, and there should be a momory aplha, that would open up at CMD...
I wish the original Sol TW should reset faster as you rank, as other powers sometimes do. That would be nice. The other TWs aren't available via standard rank, they are a reward only for Federation Diplomatic Corps ranking (Attache, Consol, Envoy, Ambassador). Now if they separated the CDs, it would be nice if those lowered as you ranked through the FDC... Of course that would mean that DS9 (the Ambassador rank power) would always have the highest CD.

I wonder... Is there a rank above Ambassador? (One quick Wiki scan later...) It appears the next rank would be "Ambassador-at-Large"... Hmmm.... Oh, and an Ambassador's title is commonly His/Her Excellency. Sweet! Now that would be cool to have.

I noticed that even though I've reached Ambassador, I'm still earning FDX (though for next rank it says n/a). It would be neat if they eventually added more unlockables... thee His/Her Excellency titles for example, more TWs (MemAlpha, BGO, future locations...), perhaps more alternate faction BOs (and/or Uncommon-Very Rare ones), more uniforms... Or even unlock a +1 character uniform slot for the existing Dilpomat Jacket. Anywho...