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08-11-2010, 10:08 PM
I support this idea, because it would free up the whole Commander level of "Cruiser" for another group of 2-nacelled ships, potentially based on the Excelsior and Ambassador classes. Ideally for cruisers, you'd have:

T1- Constitution and variants
T2- Excelsior and variants
T3- Ambassador and variants
T4- Galaxy and variants
T5- Sovereign and variants

Of course the problem comes in that T1 is already "Miranda" by default. In Star Trek, the frigates have served very "well rounded" roles, part cruiser, part science vessel, part escort. A "Jack of all trades".. which makes the Miranda the perfect "first ship".. but I do like the idea of a frigate "class" that would allow people not to specialize if they wanted a more well rounded approach. T2 gets an extra engineering slot, t3 gets an extra tactical slot, t4 gets an extra science slot, so by tier 4, you have a well-rounded ship again, with Tier 5 perhaps giving you some way to choose the next slot.. perhaps each of it's three variants at tier 5 could have unique specialties.

I dunno really. I just like any idea that gets me closer to flying an Ambassador class heavy cruiser.