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Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
The tier 1 Connie has several Unique abilities-

It is the only Tier 1 Ship w/ 20% More HP

It is the only Tier 1 Ship with 2 Eng Console Slots

It is the only ship with Scalable phasers

- It is also a D2D / Preorder (which I forget) so its a perk for buying it at a particular time/place - Like I mentioned, adding the D2D perks (like the Connie, uniforms, auto defense battery etc) to the CS is acceptable imo.

They have traits like "pig-Headed", "Dumb Luck" and "FEline Instinct" that are unavailable to anyone else, AKA Unique. And some of them are very valuable, a much lower chance of being held in place and shot at is a very good advantage.

Well, to be honest Ive never played any of these races, so I dont know how major or minor the traits are - I doubt they are enough to give their players a significant advantage over a "normal" character.

If they were just visual, I would be okay with it. Heck, I'm even ok with them putting in those kinds of races (Pakleds or Caitians) because they are rare in Trek. But species that are commonly shown (Ferengi, Klingon, Tellarite) just ticks me off, especially when they don't fit with the (poor) reasoning of the C-Store.

Maybe not in the shows, but they by the end of the shows, there was inferrence that more would come.
Especially the Ferengi, considering all the reforms Rom would make.
Heck, in several alternate timelines, Ferengi/Klingons have been shown in Starfleet.

Again, to quote one of my favorite actors in the series - Logic dictates that a race to whom honour is essential to existance, would not likely join with another organization at war with their own people.. Hell, even Martok refused to challenge Gowron, even when he knew his orders were given with a personal (and dishonorable) agenda.. I quote again "I swore an oath" Martok was willing to do anything and everything, he was ordered, because honour demanded it.

Remember : Honour is life

As for the Ferengi.. Do you really believe that a race that for hundred of years have cared about nothing but profit, to the point of betraying/assasinating their own familymembers would, in large numbers, join a organization where money have no value, where there is *no* profit whatsoever?

Even if there are few shown, the "reason" that Cryptic gives for C-Store content doesn't explain them.

And as for the C-Store in general

Either 1) They are hiring more people (which is unlikely, based on their press releases)

2) Subscription pays for :
Content A
Content B
Content C
Content D

Fans want extra content (E)

Like Nebulons and such? :p

Content D workers instead work on Content E, which you are then charged for.

So, at the end of the day, you paid for

A,B,C, and D

But only got A,B,&C and are told to pay extra for Content E

No, because Content D is not gone, it is merely delayed

OR 3)

You paid for A,B,C,D and so they divert some of the workers to Content E

And A,B,C,D drop in quality

And A,B,C,D will be improved upon, once Content E is out.

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