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08-12-2010, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by Matsky View Post
I suspect it's possibly the "canon" part of the name - I'm not sure if Cryptic are allowed to call their game canon, so stickying a thread with that might be iffy? Anyway I've got it bookmarked, it's bloody handy!

Back on topic though, do you think you could help create a canon-ish feeling Veteran commbadge Bkackavaar? I need some help with it!
Canon-ish Veteran com badge? You mean for the Veteran uniform?

If so, since that is canon to the game and not the shows I used the 25th century default badges with the gold 2 coloring. It's the closest to matching the gold plated pieces of the Veteran jacket and it's commonly worn by NPCs in the game. Command for command, operations for operations and science for science. You can find images at the bottom of the 25th Century section.

If I am misunderstanding, please explain further and I will be glad to help.