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08-12-2010, 02:44 PM
Can't see a problem with formalwear like this - bearing in mind that this kind of outfit is nearly 200 years old by the 21st Century, it's unlikely to have changed massively by the time of 2409. Formalwear is formalwear. And it's no less anachronistic to have in-game than the TOS Starfleet uniforms - if they're really such a deal-breaker for people, then don't buy the darn things!

And besides, the way I see it, it's simply incentive for the Devs to add 'Vic's Place' as a social area - remember, folks, that the dress code is strictly formal at Vic's, so no Starfleet uniforms there!

In the man's own words:

"By the way, this is a high-class joint. That means coats and ties for the gents, dresses for the ladies. You guys look like a trapeze act." - Vic Fontaine, DS9 6x20 ("His Way")

Photo evidence, for those so-inclined:

Kira and Odo, enjoying a romantic dinner for two at Vic's

Sisko and Vic singing "The Best Is Yet to Come"