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08-12-2010, 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by herocreator View Post
This could also open up some fun PVP modes as well. Anyone out there who played Battlefield 2142 probably remembers titan mode. The idea was each team had a large ship and your goal was to work with your team to bring down its shields, board it, fight through the corridors, and work your way to the core, which you detonate.

Seems like that would work fine here too. Ships are tasked with bringing down the Cruiser's shields then beaming aboard and fighting your way through the halls to engineering deck to detonate the warp core. Player and NPC based security teams would try to stop them and repel boarders. On top of that some players could go to engineering and try to repair the shields so to help stop reinforcements from getting aboard.
Precicely the premis this idea was based upon. Battlefield 2142 uses similar features for PvP gameplay that would REALLY spice up our PvP world for SURE if it could be done right. Your Fleet owns a Fleet Vessel, and you and your mates fight to take the other Fleet Vessel down, or defend your own. The best Fleet wins.. and while combining Space AND Ground combat into one mix of tactics and flat out war = FUN!

Doing this against Klingon Fleet Vessels = MORE FUN!

Thanks for the support guys.. let's see if SOMETHING can be done like this. Doesn't have to be total player run even.. just as long as it's social, it's fleet-run, and it has tactical collaboration with others within your fleet. Our current PvP isn't doing it for me. This stretches those boundaries into something that would CLEARLY sell this game WELL if done right... if done right.