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08-12-2010, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by Peacekeeper View Post
My Wife made some screens of the Female Formal Version.

and this one after ONE step forward:

Is this really meant to be this way?
Maybe they're looking for that "Some Like It Hot" look?

OK, I can see how this could be used in RPing, and it could be fun, but working on this instead of fixing the level-banding problems in fleet actions, which squad support hasn't fixed at all? Or working on this instead of fixing the insane respawn rate in The Big Dig?

Is this Cryptic's way of telling me that I can have a formal dinner party with my fleet on my bridge, but I can't go fight with them as a fleet in "Breaking the Planet", which is labeled as a 'Fleet Action"?

I enjoy the game quite a bit, Cryptic, and I appreciate the gestures you're making to make this game even more fun, but I really wonder about the priorities sometimes.