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I was looking forward to the formal wear. However, having seen the pictures, they seem rather uninspired. The men's formal wear looks rather like a 21st century business suit. The women's outfits look ok but look like they have that damned starfleet emblem at the waist. If it were a formal uniform I could see that, but its just formal wear for any occasion, so why the starfleet emblem? And if we can't really customize the formal wear, well, that is just icing on a turd cake. Love ya cryptic, but won't be buying the formal wear. Not unless you make a better set. At least this way i will still be able to afford the mercs outfits.

Edit: Just thought i would add that the price is just fine, I love the C- Store. Just not fond of the clothes.

Edit again: Welll, I was wrong. The ladies clothes don't have a starfleet emblem. It looked like it in the pic but having looked at the costumes at the tailor they are ok. So I might just buy them for one of my toons. By might I mean probably. Still, bring on more formal wear Cryptic. OOoooOOoo and swimwear. Risa is calling............