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08-12-2010, 10:18 PM
i already know that there is a faint red alert siren but it only sounds twice...thats like 1 second...

well i never expected this thread to get so many do we get this to the devs?

was playing homeworld 2 the other day and remembered that it had the option to choose between no,low,medium,heavy battle chatter...example of what im talking about just go rent "first contact" and see how awesome the battle chatter is when the federation engages the borg...

lots of great ideas people!

the most important thing is to at least have random battle chatter from within your ship!an option to choose between different voices for officers would be cool...just like sims 3....

now to actually listen to a klingon yelling at you when you shoot him that would be simply to awesome!!!

ofcourse all these are best for PvE!

at least do this thing in the episodes!

i started this post cause wih all the technical(bugs) and other artistic(adding more stuff that we all love!) and design(like more ships and interiors) issues in the game i think that the devs totally forgot about the sound of the game!

and considaring that other mmos are coming up like SWTOR its also a good marketing decision to add more SOUND in the game...gotta say love the new battle music in the latest episodes...but we all know the devs whanna do im just putting it out there that people would really appreciate more "sound" in the game!

also there is an issue with the klingon cloaking sound....those of as that played startrek armada 1 and 2 know that the klingon cloaking sound is not the one we hear in the game...thats the romulan one...will watch startrek six again to confirm though but i think that the devs should adress that ASAP!

other than that the game looks great so far!