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08-13-2010, 07:48 AM
I must say I always felt the universal BO slots on the Bird of Prey were a cheap solution to circumvent the need to properly flesh out the KDF with enough ships.
Instead of giving them a decent counterpart to the science ships of the Federation, some kind of military scout like the Raptor actually was in "Enterprise" or the Bird of Prey used to be in Star Trek 3 and 4, and at least two choices of BO and console arrangement on their cruisers and escorts, they simply made the BoP neutral.
Personally I always felt the Raptor should have been the Klingon science-oriented ship while the Bird of Prey should have been the Klingon version of the escort, lighter and more maneuverable than the Federation version but with a similar (fixed) BO and conosle arrangement.
Simply because all that sensor, probe etc equipment must be pretty bulky and would not actually fit into the BoP, but into the larger Raptor.
And the line of argument that the BoP was used for just about everythig is right, but so were several other ships.
For example the Klingons used a Vor'cha in "Dramatis Personae" for a research misssion into the Gamma Quadrant.
I believe a neutral frigate-type ship for the Feds with the same neutral BO slots is a great idea and would give a similar line of choices to the Feds.
However at the same time I would very much like to see at least one KDF dedicated military scout/science vessel with 5 BO slots and a primarily scientific BO and console arrangement similar to the Luna, which is the most tactical-oriented of the three T5 science ships available to the Federation.
Then it would be a truly fair trade and everyone would get something new and fair to play with.