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08-13-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by ****tor View Post
Yeah but Armada didn't have live-action viewscreens... neither did SFC, or ST: Borg, or Starfleet Academy, or Elite Force, or Judgement Rites, or New Worlds, or Away Team, or The Fallen, or Dominion Wars or mostly all other Star Trek games.
True, but how hard couple it me to have the viewscreen show SB1 when in the Sol system. I can go to my bridge while in the B-Tran Cluster and see SB1 on my viewscreen. I go to the bridge in Sol and see K-7. Next time I go to my bridge in Sol I see deep space. May the STO team could come up with a static image (like those games) and actually have it be pertinent to the area. Just a thought.