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My apologies in advance if there is a thread with this......

Well, as the post states, it is apparent I cannot play STO anymore. I have been using dual Nvidia 8800gt in SLI mode for STO. It seems as though to me that I cannot get the darn game to work for me.

I had originally been playing STO with one card until the 2.0 update, then made some graphics changes to allow for better performance. The SLI and such worked fine for me until Wednesday of this week. STO suddenly locked up with no sound, keyboard or mouse control. I had to manually reboot the computer.

After I came back the desktop, I noticed that it stated my video driver had stopped working and recovered. I checked the temperature of the cards to find that idling on the desktop placed the temps for GPU1 @71C and GPU2 at 65C. A friend told me about Riva Tuner and had me install it. I was able to get back onto STO after that for all of 5 minutes, then it repeated the same behavior.

I thought perhaps the fan settings did not work for RT and went to the Nvidia Control Panel where I was unable to change the fan speed getting an error stating
"The changes made were invalid and will not be applied"

I have updated to the newest Nvidia drivers (197.45 I believe released in July), checked my BIOS is up to date, and still, I cannot run STO without it locking up my system.

This is a real pain because I can run other MMO's or 3d applications such as Guild Wars. I have only tested them by walking around in zones for 5 minutes or so, but I noticed no problems associated with my STO woes.

The only change I have made to the computer prior to this is allowing Windows to do their update on Tuesday with their 17 updates( rather large considering I keep it up to date). It seems to me that all was well until that happened.

Is there something I am missing here? Did windows update cause there to be some kind of weird NVIDIA card malfunction? Did the card burn out? Why if I use Riva Tuner can I not play STO because it crashes?
Is STO even remotely compatible with Nvidia SLI?

My computer is covered under warranty if the card has burned out, and in fact in talking with Dell (yes...I know..right?) They seem to believe it is a hardware issue to replace the graphics cards, the mobo, and system fan.

I would like to seek clarification from people that have had similar experiences with this issue. I LOVE to play STO when it is working (bugs and all....odd isn't it?), but since I cannot play STO because it locks up, I want to know what to do to remedy the situation.

Post your supportive ideas, keep it clean, and remember, I don't have the money to go buy a new gaming rig (besides this one just turned 2 this past month).