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Confused yet? Let me explain...

We all know that in a few weeks, Cryptic will be adding two versions of the Excelsior class into the C-Store - the classic version from Star Trek III ('The Search for Spock') and the Enterprise-B type from Star Trek VII ('Generations'). In other words, the plain version seen a kajillion times in TNG/DS9, and the modified style like the USS Lakota from DS9's 'Paradise Lost'.

Except that there's a problem - the classic Excelsior, as commanded by Captain Sulu and seen so many times in TNG, ISN'T the 'Search for Spock' version.

Turns out that, like the Constitution class, as well as being the two well-known versions, there's also a third 'prototype' version, with a different bridge module, impulse deflector crystal assembly and shuttlebay. As usual, has the details:

Link to article if hotlinked image doesn't work

So, with that being the case, which version are we going to be getting, come August 21st-23rd? I'm guessing the more familiar 'Sulu's Excelsior' version from 'Undiscovered Country', but then it's not the 'Search for Spock' version, is it?

(With that being the case, might it be a better idea to re-name both versions to something a little more appropriate? For instance, the 'SfS' Excelsior could simply be the 'Excelsior-class Starship', with the 'Generations' version being the 'Excelsior-class Refit' or 'Excelsior-class Variant'.

It's a better solution (IMO) than going by film/series, or using a specific ship name - take the TOS Constitution as an example of how not to do it. It's in the C-Store as the 'Original Series Enterprise' or 'USS Enterprise Preorder' - except it's not the Enterprise. It's just a Constitution-class starship, so the label is misleading.)

Also, while we're on the subject of the Excelsior, are the models still being finished, or are the versions currently in-game as NPC ships the 'finished article'? I say this because there are quite a few things that aren't accurate to the canon ships - specifically the shuttlebay 'fan' doors, and the cargo module/rear probe/torpedo array.

Here's a post I made with all the errors I could find on the Enterprise-B model - some have been fixed in the interim!

Sorry if I'm splitting hairs, but I just reckon it's worth clearing these things up - particularly since the Excelsior's such a beloved fan-favourite, and it goes without saying how militant Trek fans can get over these things!