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Fleet Daedalus Omega is a role playing community with a strict role playing expectation, looking for players who share that same standard. Now over three seasons old the fleet has re-engineered there gaming structure for a re-launch for Season 3. With the use of UGC Foundry and dedicated game masters, we feature several key starships as player filled crews. When you join the RP Community you do so as an individual officer of starfleet assigned to one of the several role playing groups organized into specific starships. The fleet uses message boards to bring the community together and act as database network connecting all the officers of our fleet, and tool to post your short stories for everyone’s reading leisure It should be made clear that when you join our role playing community that you are ready to role play your character for better or for worst, and in a professional manner. This means that you’re playing a character that working to establish his career, and forge their own legacy.

Now Recruiting:

USS Adagio - Excelsior Class
- - Executive Officer Needed!
- - Helmsmen Officer Needed!
- - Junior Medical Officer Needed!
- - Chief Science Officer Needed!

USS Ayanami - Akira Class
- - Helmsmen Officer Needed!
- - Jr Engineer Officer Needed!
- - Jr Science Officer Needed!
- - Junior Medical Officer Needed!
- - Counselor Officer Needed!

USS Jeanne d'Arc - Luna Class
- - Helmsmen Officer Needed!
- - Chief Science Officer Needed!
- - Chief Medical Officer Needed!
- - Junior Medical Officer Needed!
- - Counselor Officer Needed!

Community Channel - All members of the Fleet or Community are connected by the Daedalus OOC channel. Joining that channel would be an excellent way to meet with members prior to joining the fleet
Serious Role Playing – The standard of role playing is a high bar that everyone who plays is expected to reach, or learn how to reach it. Our Game Master Hosts safe guard our storyline and provide challenges for your starship captain to overcome with dice rolls in a very pen and paper manner.

Starfleet Career – Create a character that will grow to become an important part of a starship’s crew. Where there career truly can become a legacy! Promotions and Ranks are intricate part of our gaming rewards. These titles, and commissions are awarded to you for showing time, dedication, and command excellence

UGC Missions Game Master held UGC Events as each mission each weak will face your character with challenges week to week!

Events – Events are organized into gaming groups tied to specific starships crews. Each crew has a game master that will run unique missions and events twice week!

Voice Chat – None (All players are here to role play.)

Private Story Boards – A message board to post your logs, to respond to story lines, and write short fiction on it.

Telepath Characters – Restricted and upon request at creation.

Time Zone Activity – Eastern Standard Time and GMT
Fleet Website

Fleet Application

Contact: Nyoko@GolbezLunar
Channel: Daedalus OOC