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08-14-2010, 12:03 PM
I know I wont be able to help much but I thought I'd share my own experiences with this as well. Around the same time I got my first crash in STO. However, my PC uses an ATI HD 5770 single card, so our set ups are rather different.

However, there's a topic on this board about beams losing their bloom. I know the problems aren't directly related, but after my first crash, that's what happened to me. Check it out, there is a user there who mentions a driver to roll back to that fixes the error, it may fix your crashing issue. Ya don't have much to use.

Also, to test if it is your graphics card, i would play something a bit more graphics heavy than GW if you can. Something that pushes your cards a bit more. I'm sorry that I could not help more.

Oh yes, I also read that SC2 has been frying / damaging cards due to a bug in game. There is a fix on their boards I believe.