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08-14-2010, 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by wfs5519 View Post
i think that is too much potential clutter on the interface... but one simple work around would be the ability to switch your point of view to a boff, with limited abilities
abilities you can do: walking/running, firing -for defense-, setting movement waypoints, selecting items, using special ability items
stuff you cannot do: switch weapons, pick up dropped items, transport out

for example,
1. you select the BOFF from your UI team options. once switched, you have the team members on the side panel as normal, giving you the ability to switch to other BOFFS if needed.
2. you begin positioning, walking or running BOFF # 1 to a certain location, issue out a set of incremental commands, (such as attack this selected bad guy, waypoint to this location, then activate that selected console, and then attack this selected bad guy.)
3. an "execute orders" button pops up. now you can either switch (through the UI) to another BOFF, or select the "execute orders" button. once selected, your point of view auto switches back to your main character as all BOFFs given orders would carry them out in sequence. this would be very useful in tactical strikes and investigating.

or maybe the "execute orders" button appears once you switch back to your captain.. might make more sense
While I appreciate the creativity of this suggestion, I actually disagree with it for the simple reason that I was actually trying to suggest ways to make a ground mission more "Trek-like", i.e. a Captain giving orders to his subordinate officers. This suggestion feels more like skinriding, which could be a cool power of a new race, but not something I'd want to do as my captain.