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08-15-2010, 04:16 AM
Ok wouldn't mind joining your Fleet, but I have a few things that MIGHT pose issues:
1: It will be an alt who joins as my main is a high ranking officer in current fleet (Non-RP) and I would feel abit guilty if I left. So alt it would be.
2: I am a spurratic player as I play 2 MMORPG's and have ADD.....SOoooooo. I have times where I am on everyday, then am gone for a month or so. But I have Lifetime membership and will alwaus come back. ($300? bet i will be playing it). The other MMO is WoW.

Will either of these be an issue? If not Send me a message in game as I don't check forums often.


Main: Jade
and yes, I am a guy who plays a female character.....not for sick reasons and that is NOT the kind of RPing I want.......just to make everything crystal, shinny, clear there...

(At least I say so up front as to make sure there is NO confusion and its also in my toons Bios.)

K, have a nice day.