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08-15-2010, 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by Varook1985
My game dosent let me play i log in and it goes to the pach page and kicks me off the server and says account error and then tells me i have 30 free days but turns around and says i need to choose and pay for a service plan what the ....

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Since u have 30 free days I'm guessing you have just bought the game and have 30 free days on it.. As Pegasus said earlier, you have to subscribe again in order to play. It does not take out any money until the end of your free 30 days. If it does then submit a ticket to get it fixed.

I know mine did not get charged. I was hesitant as well, but I did not get charged at all. I also heard that if u cancel the subscription (If u are someone that wants to manually pay every month) then u can still play your free 30 days.

U might want to delete your number off of the forum too. it is kind of public.

For the first part, are you sure you are typing in the right information?

I'm just a player trying to help..because although Tickets do help, they only respond once a day and not on weekends lol.