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08-16-2010, 01:20 AM
With all due respect, I can't see how tactics can help me at all. I can't hide behind objects because they can shoot through them and if not, they cut down my men quickly without me. AI is really poor with crewmen. They're rolling and jumping, but barely fire or use their special ability - not so ofthen as they could anyway.
Also, Klingons don't have to affraid tactics. They only come to me, draw their weapons and slice me into small pieces in no time. When two or three are on me, what tactics could help? Also, if I somehow manage to get out of their sight, they simply beam down backup to their lost men and gain 100% HP, so I'm where I started.
But the main problem is that it's not only the Klingons. They're especially, because their meele weapons kill you in two or three blows, but any other race you may encounter is fearsome. HP is double or more than yours, shields are equal or stronger, they work always in 7-11 packs, including at least 2 officers with nasty skills and huge DPS. Is the Federation is the Federation of the "Most Pathetic and Weakest Species of the Galaxy"?