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08-16-2010, 07:27 AM
I'm all for putting things in the store howeverr this is not one of them. Put any kind of spin on it you want to I doubt you will change my mind. I kinda think in my own honest opinion that its just asking for a bit much, and that should Cryptic do something along these lines. They would have to charge alot and it would in fact unbalance the game itself. Badges are easy enough to get so whats the point.

Originally Posted by Sleeves
Try this just limit how may you can get. 500 per month per character. There is already a price for 500 badges right now the cost of retro refit. You would be loooking at 13USD or 14USD. It should also be noted that the new XI gear is not bound it will go no were but down once people start flooding the auction house. Any bought advantage would not last long.
Btw if you use this as a factor then you just killed it. The refits are available via the store already at 1200 cp per. So why would anyone want to loose money by selling 500 emblems for half the price?