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08-16-2010, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by Rhodes85 View Post
the reality is that if they did this you'd have the richer players spending real money to load up on everything in-game. this is what happens in EVERY game that has attempted selling in-game currency. pirate meridian59 and UO servers are a very good example of this. even cryptic isn't foolish enough to try something like this. if they did, a considerable amount of people would simply leave the game. there wouldn't be any point to doing badge rewarding missions anymore either, so there goes a large amount of the games content

in short don't even think about doing something like this cryptic.
this game is already losing players left right & center .. infact i can see it turning to free to play because people are getting sick & tired of the cryptic bug ridden crud.
can anyone name more than 12 items that have been reported & fix ? im not talking sill cosmetic things im talking missions & stuff .

I know several people who have not resubbed & know at least 2 more that are walking away at then end of this month.
Several of these people played wow for many years couple of others who played eve for a long time as well.

fact is the money side of this game is botched .. why because there is nothing rare , they maybe titles as rare & very rare but they are anything but.
this again is thanks to the carebear community that plays this game.