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08-16-2010, 12:52 PM
frankly, i wonder what people's problem with the C-Store is..

the general argument i see given is "that stuff should be covered by our monthly sub and should be free"

normally given by people who are willing to shell out the price of a full new game on an expansion to a game (which is also made at the same time using the money from the monthly subs)

yes, its a form of generating revenue, and i'd rather see content thats in the C-Store drip-feed into the game bit by bit over time in a way that allows you to chose what you want to have and what you dont than have it all lumped together in a package i HAVE to buy all of to get the bits i want a year after launch.

its the model the whole MMO industry is using now, and just as when expansions started happening not everyone is going to be happy about it.. i accept that, i just wish others would accept that not everyone hates it and move past it.