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08-16-2010, 12:07 PM
No problem here with the cstore. Havent bought anything from it in say a monthish. The people who have a problem are those that want the stuff thats in it for free. As for me I havent eaten in about a week.(700 bucks on text books this semester /cry) and I dont "need" anything they have up there. Nothing Is lacking from my char thats only avail in cstore (imo)

and to answer your question

I havent heard any talk in my fleet about OMG GOTTA GET CSTORE UNIFORM NOA so I dont think so.

Originally Posted by Presbytier View Post
This is an overly general statement I would like to see proof that this is the model for the NA market(I understand that in Asia this is the model). None of the major MMO companies use such a model as extensive as STO.

Guild Wars. aka NCsoft> ArenaNet w.e Go look at thier "cstore".

Ive bought almost everything in it.

i cant recall if this truly is all but heres the link