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# 11 Im okay with this
12-13-2008, 10:10 AM
As I first saw the buy out headline. I was scared s***less about this. I like most in here have been waiting years for this game. But if this is about makeing Atari come back to life and makeing great games, im in for the win. As long as it stays for the player. I dont mind if the first prority is to move my dimes and dollars from my wallet to theres. As long as I get respectet and treatet like a sentient being. I got to be honest and CoX wasnt any fun, just another grind fest. Go kill xx of those and that. No real story, no real reason to do so unless your where aiming at getting █ber. I spent more time creating characters than playing them. I hope this will get Cryptic and Atari back on the track of makeing games I cant resist poreing my hard earned $$ into... I applaud this, make me a broke but happy gamer...