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08-16-2010, 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
made some graphics changes to allow for better performance. The SLI and such worked fine for me until Wednesday of this week. STO suddenly locked up with no sound, keyboard or mouse control. I had to manually reboot the computer.
I've got an Nvidia GTX295 in my PC. It runs every 3D PC Game like a champ. But as soon as I got STO, I started having the same problems you described.

I knew almost right away that I was dealing with an overheating issue. I had a hunch it was the GPU, not the CPU, so I downloaded Nvidia's System Monitor and loaded it up.

I started playing STO, and periodically I would Alt-Tab to the Monitor to watch the temp on my two GPUs. Sure enough, I was up to 105c in about 10 minutes, and the PC halted. The on-board thermal cut off is 105c, so I started a long quest to fix this over-heating problem.

This included:
1. Updating the video drivers to the latest version.
2. Taking the case apart and dusting it out completely with compressed air.
3. Installing a new PCI slot fan right below the GPU.
4. Using a NvProfile to create and load a manually made profile that spins the fans at 100% all the time.
5. Opening up the card itself, and dusting it out.
6. Taking off the heat sinks on the GPU and applying new thermal grease.
7. Relocating the Tower to a more "open" area with better air circulation
8. Taking the case cover off and putting a 9" 4 amp circular fan to blow into the case.

All this resulted in a net drop of about 10 degrees Celsius on my normal operating temps (down to about 55-60c). But despite all this, the game continued to run up to 105c and cut out.

Finally, the last straw was to run the game in low graphics mode. This did it. I could play... but without any sort of AA, Bloom, or high rez textures. As soon as turn on graphics higher than Medium though, it fries. Medium runs at around 95-100c, so I usually leave it in Low mode.

The only thing left to do is replace the internal fans on the video card, or invest in liquid cooling. Unfortunately, I'm not a position to purchase either of these at the moment. And I'm not entirely convinced that part of the problem isn't an STO client issue, as other brand new 3d games run fine, (like TF:WFC) usually around 75c.

If you want to download the Nvidia monitor software, its included in the system tools download below: