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08-16-2010, 03:40 PM
Thanks Korzho, I do believe you have done alot to solving your problem, but it leaves me thinking the only thing would be a hardware replacement, and more. I seriously doubt it is completely our hardware.
I have already installed, well the manufacturer unstalled Nvidia System monitor, so I can pull the temps off of it.

Next, to White Knight. I have read that thread, and it seems it covers a great many tings, but not a perplexing issue such as mine.

I used the post to find out all of my game settings, nothing much out of the extraordinary there. I then looked at many other things to see what was going on. As far as system resotr goes, yea...that did not work.

Suffice to say I am working on a laptop currently, and cannot run a dxdiag from the other machine but I do know I am running Windows Vista 32 bit, dual Nvidia 8800GT graphics cards with the 197.45 vrivers (prior to this incident had the April dirvers), an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 3.12 GHZ. It is not as though I am running a sub-standard computer......However if I feel like trying to fry the computer yet again, I'll change more settings, try the game, and get a dxdiag posted for your viewing pleasure..(little as it will do to assist).All I wanted was feedback on what you might do to correct the issue.

As far as the resolved issue is concerned, NO it is NOT resolved. I have to wait for parts and such, and in the interim I am checking to see if there is anything else that can be done. I doubt from seeing what you posted will help me until hey look at their client adn see if something wonky is going on...

Anyway, thanks for the help there seems I have done most of that troubleshooting already.
For anybody else, positive feedback is welcomed.