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Hmmm donīt really know what i can say to that. Healing and Resistance Buffing definitely needs some tweaking though. Playing long drawn out Matches like that may be fun one time, but well just imagine how long a Tournament would take. The setups were quite balanced, and we had good healing Cruisers on both sides. A little bit healing heavy setups, but guess what, thats what your gonna see...

I have posted it before and good PvPers would agree with me, they just didnīt voice it on the forums yet. I called for faster games, and bringing back some kind of better Burst damage. Of course then PuGīs would have an even harder time, and some people might be discouraged, because they blow up even faster. But they whine around anyway.

Well hereīs some Screenshots of the Game, and yeah well make your own assumtions, itīs just my Opinion im posting here.

lol also on the numbers... 4.3 million! in healing only by Era
have to go sleep now, just wanted to share.

nerf healing, or buff damage.