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# 29 A minute really?
08-16-2010, 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by Gh0stS10
That would be pretty cool, yes hitting the "Brace For Impact" does set of the alarm but only for a few seconds. Have it go off for like maybe a minute as you enter combat would be nice. Or even the "newer" alarm we heard in Nemsis. Chatter during combat would be awesome. Hearing the bridge officers sounding off reports of either damage and statuses would be cool, maybe not so much so you could understand it but being able to hear the faint reports versus nothing but weapons fire would be a great touch!
So you would want to hear that sound for a full minute? I like the sound personally, but 15 seconds is fine enough and even pushing it at that. Its an attention grabber nothing more, beyond that, ouch!

However, I love your bridge chatter and even crew reports in place of the computer.