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08-16-2010, 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by DeRhamme View Post
Jola'tru all of you who are Romulan in Hear
Dear sir/ma'am,

No offense intended: I've been following this post for quite a while biding my time for a proper response, now that I can offer some insight on something I think it's now or never. While your bumps are likely appreciated, I think they would be appreciated even more if you took a little bit more time to spell check. Romulan in Hear? I'm afraid that seems silly & I can't take it very seriously.

Unless you are referring to the pointy ears.

Jola'tru all of you who are Romulan in hearing... nope still silly :p

I like the rest though.

Now I know it would be a lot of work to go back & edit every single post but if you're gonna post the same thing over & over again at least take the time to add 1 measly letter at the end there (& while you're at it, no need to capitalize heart) & always remember to check for errors every time; regardless of how polished you may think something is. I personally always check documents 3 times at the very least before releasing them to the public eye.

See this as it is, a friendly tip & not an insult regarding your minor oversight.

If you want to represent something, take a little time & pride in your work

Thank you for your attention.

& now without further ado; my personal commitment speech!

Most certainly if the Romulan faction is ever realized this is the place to be recruited! I would submit to the rule of the empress, for my copper based blood burns green as the heart of Romulus! Until that time comes; I'm afraid my services are needed elsewhere & would not be fair of me to spread my contributions so thinly to the point where I'd be little more than a background member of your current fleet.

When the dawn of the Romulan Empire breaks the horizon; you can bet I'll stand proudly & rep the green! As one of the most highly anticipated features of STO, I'll bet you will gain 80+% of all Romulans looking to join a fleet; we have to stick together after the decimation of the capital homeworld! I'd have far preferred to have Romulan faction at start off even if it meant less content all around; then there would be a three way balance like AvP, the good monkeys in the middle, the bad outcasts & the ugly war mongers!

All roads lead to Romulus!

Jolan Tru