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08-17-2010, 02:24 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
well... this evenly matched teams would be the exception, rather than the rule, i guess... and I bet you're all twisting your brains right now to figure out what could have been done different to make a quicker win . Guess some of you have already made some changes to your builds?

This, imo, is the result of too many cruisers in one match. Leading to the question: why is everyone and his uncle flying a cruiser? Answer: because they are good at staying alive, and staying alive is the most important thing in PvP... dying=loosing the match.

So with an increase in burst damage... won't that make the last 4 PvPers not flying a cruiser switch over to cruiser? After all, the Galaxy and the klingon cruisers can fit DHCs...

My suggestion would be to make one or two REAL good exposes for science. Something making it worth running 100+ to aux. Something making it worth running a science ship! Something with a very narrow arc, making it easier to target slow-moving objects (read cruiser).Short duration strong exposes invites maneuvrable burst-damage ships to exploit. Result: more sci-ships and escorts.

In short, make a sci-power strong enough that a sci ship and an escort together can take out a cruiser.

I'm sure there can be a lot of good suggestions of what this ability should be... may i suggest something that makes the target unable to heal/be healed for a period of time?
2 problems

1: They are allready ingame (SNB/VM/TB+Tykens+TSS)
2: It would mean a huge impact on PUGs, and not so much for Premades - Because of the better crosshealing in premades.