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08-17-2010, 07:38 AM
i would Have rather seen the time spent designing these to be used for putting out ALL cannon uniforms from TOS to Enterprise and ALL movies from TMP to the newest one even the starbase uniforms and science uniforms from WOK, and cadet uniforms as well as options for the off duty uniforms actually seen in the various series i.e the out fits Wesely wore in season 1 or Kirks green wrap around, or the clothing worn in first contact something else anything!!!! But then again Star Trek fans by nature are some of the most nit picky people on the planet and so pleasing everyone is a tough task for the Devs so that being said when can we get Mohawk Phasers? I mean its not cannon but could be alot of fun seeing a borg with a mohawk... Just saying. Maybe once they get everything cannon out then do the mohawk phasers.