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08-17-2010, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
I take it this means you made it to Federation Ambassador, congradulations!

I like the colors you did on these. I think I'll stick with my custom Diplo uni though, I've grown to like it. The main difference being that I like the WoK pants with my top. Still, you're most canon, and did a fine job!

I think I matched your VA Command 2 top already without seeing yours first... GMTA, I guess I like the red/black with the gold trim, and that's what I went with myself. I'm gonna double check the colors, but I'm sure I've got same as yours.

As usual, fine work!
Thank you and thank you! Your version sounds interesting too. I'd like to a screen shot if you have one.

Originally Posted by O_Farmer
Hey, Black, I know this doesn't have much effect on your guide, since it's based on comparing and contrasting colors from the shows and movies, but I thought you may find this interesting. It seems the colors used on the canon uniforms in game on NPCs are significantly brighter than the ones in the guide. They also look like they have this weird glow about them that may contribute to it even more. Like the light source is shining directly on them.

Some screenies:

ToS shirt and rank color:

TNG red and pip color:
The devs unfortunately don't use my guide. From those screen shots, it would seem that they are coloring the NPC uniforms based on washed out images from google, instead of the shows themselves. If they had isntead focused on watching the shows and testing the colors against the lighting environments in the game I am sure they would have chosen the colors in the guide instead.