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08-17-2010, 03:28 PM
Ah, thanks Galtrovan, and White Knight. I have just had the technician leave the house and he replaced the graphics cards and the physx accelerator. Just the change whilst idling for both cards has dropped from 73 C to 67 C.

I was having royal fits last night actually getting the system monitor to work since it is a 3D application. Today, it seems much better (knock on wood). I have a bit more checking to go before I actually launch STO.

Since you told me about the troubleshooting tab on the graphics card in STO, that will be my first stop. I do not know how to reduce the GPU/CPU option. What exactly does that do, and where do I find it?

Also, I just tried to modify the fan control in the Control Panel to no avail...probably another error (software?)...

My question is what driver from Nvidia works best with 2.0, and what do I need to do to make sure I am only rolling that particular driver.

Secondly, if I use those steps you used on the troubleshooting tab, and such, how many degrees does it shave off with the GPUs? ( much cooler would it be).

Lastly, to answer White Knight, I do not feel comfortable placing my service tag number here...I guard anything like that very carefully, thanks for understanding.

Place any posts to answer my questions...And, again, thanks for your has been above and beyond anything I have received from Cryptic...