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08-18-2010, 06:55 AM
Great if you got no Life. Got no job. No kids. Play STO 24/7 Letting people buy a small amount say 500 badge per month for like 13$USA would not be the end of the world. Would give a few people a small edge but the Badge gear is Bind on equip. There is drop XII uncommon in the auction that is just good as the blue X badge gear. The gear the same as drop gear. It would also let people go away for few days from the PC and do not forget the guy can only play one day a week. Saw tons of people get burned in WOW because they could not keep there gear up so they got left behind. Any bought advantage would very short lived.

PS if you want to see the XII gear in the Auction it is buged. Do a sech for "XII" any rank any grade