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08-18-2010, 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Ghengiscoon
I'm a Fed tact flying the fleet escort. Just so all you feds that suck know the truth, I'm making this post. Klinks are a small tight group of ladies who are always playing together So when they work the fed pugs it feels like they are op. In actual fact Klinks suck and I'll 1v1 any klink anytime msg me in game for some 1v1Ghengis@ghengiscoon
yes i agree the klings are not OP if anything they are underpowered so i think its time to un`nerf the klings
well put ghengiscoon.
More people like you posting & maybe the devs would sit up & listen & give the klings the hull & shield boost they have been needing.
maybe even that extra ltcomm slot for the bop coupled with the 4th tac console it sorely needs

then maybe us lowly klings could give your god like powers a run for there money.