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# 1894 While I'm thinking about it
08-18-2010, 05:15 PM
Mid Term goals- expand what we can spend out EC, Merits, Latinum on. Let's see some personal things that we could buy, not just C-Store items. In many other MMOs you have a multitude in which to spend your hard earned currency. This probably has the least. No point bothering to illustrate many MMO set in a fantasy past like WoW EQ, or DDO, but you could take some pointers from those. Star Wars Galaxies didn't do a whole lot right, but it did have homes that you could decorate. Little trinkets you earn for every few months you are a member. There is so much that could be done. You guys made that beautiful interior for the ships, let's use that space. Give us the ability to upgrade, improve, and decorate our ships. It would be nice to have each one unique, it wouldn't even be a problem, as all the memory for it would be on our own hard drives. You left it open for great expansion, I say start using it before season 3 as you will have to dedicate all your resources on making sure you learn from the past of the Klingons and have a more presentable Romulan.
Someone pointed this out before, I agree assigning crew members to their posts would be nice. Having the First Officer position would be nice also for delegation. I would like sometimes to delegate certain things to have the FO take care of. That would be a way to make things easy for the more casual player to play and satisfy the player who want a little more complex interaction from the game. Of course, personal involvement would be so much more advantageous, but you don't HAVE to take care of everything personally. While I may be a casual player, there is something of an administration hound about me that would find daily operations of a starship fascinating. Plus that would allow for missions based entirely on your vessel a possibility.
Break down the components so that we can get sub components to make the larger component. Make it some sort of assembly game that you could then put into your own ship or sell to others. That might satisfy some of the crafting grinders in the game. Still have the larger components available for those who don't wish to get so complex (and so you don't have to reinvent the wheel), but add that in as a possibility.

P.S. I was shown how to turn off my gear and that there was more to the bridge than I first thought. So ignore those points, but I'm still firm on the Cargo Bay thing, I think it would be an awesome 3D Tetris type of game. Also I wasn't able to participate in the PvP test, but thanks for trying to clear that up. Hope it worked for everyone.