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08-18-2010, 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by DocDove
Actually, when the additional costume slots became available for full account purchases, you could do either off-duty or uniforms in them by a selection in the uniform screen (no mixing and matching though). They quickly "fixed" this however... I'd like to see this changed back, give me a reason to purchase the up-comming casualwear please... thanks!
I support this. And obviously, it's still somewhat bugged. I just hopped on an alt and created a new costume -- all I did was select one of my C-Store costume slots and then hit "Purchase," without making any modifications -- and now it seems I can freely change that costume between uniform and off-duty.

It should be this way for all C-Store purchased slots.

Unfortunately, I must not have triggered the bug on my main since none of her new costume slots can be switched.

But being able to freely switch the slot between uniform and off-duty is the way it should be. Please make it so and retroactively fix all characters/slots affected (or rather, not affected) by the "bug."

Barring that, if Cryptic really must sell off-duty slots on the C-Store, they should at least be slightly cheaper and sold as singles.