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08-18-2010, 10:22 PM
Short) For everything to be polished as planned. For the attention to detail to go to another level. NPC Captains should look like captains (4 pips, red uniform). For instance, who is the Tellarite who talks to me during combat exploration missions? Isn't Lt. Grall my POC for this mission? Grall is also a Lt., but wears an ensign uniform. This also goes for all the little nuance bugs that have been in the game for awhile, eliminate them and immerse and ground the player more. Give us Caitian, Benzite, and Lethean BOs. I replayed the Treasure Trading Station with an alt today and was pleasantly surprised by the updated NPCs on the mission. Good variety and look. Hopefully a taste of things to come.

Mid) Improved PvP/Fleet Action, added missions, fleshed out Klingons. I'd really like to see them develop a way to improve PvP enough to get players involved again. It seems the major complaint has been wait times so lets hope it can be improved. I'd also like to see some added missions. PvP space capture and hold is probably the most popular map. I think a ground capture and hold would be just as popular and might get players into ground PvP again. I always liked Shanty Town but nobody ever plays, same goes for the DS9 Fleet Action. The space part is one of my favs but nobody ever plays. Finally, added missions. I hope for some more upper tier admiral missions, even if they are more fleet action dailies, but the Klingons is where the most attention is needed obviously.

Long) Added factions and ships. Looks like Romulans will be first but hopefully all species in the ST universe become playable. If you want to be a True Way, Dominion, Borg, or Ferengi Trader you should have those choices. Also more ships and a way for ships to tier up should be added. I see the Ambassador did really bad in the poll but I still hope it gets added somewhere one day. I also wouldn't mind having a tier 6 Sovereign one day. All in all, please just keep adding ships. Maybe have another community design project next year?

Sorry for the long post but I played for awhile today and just kinda dumped what I had on my mind.