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08-19-2010, 02:10 AM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
It seems to me that it is not one faction being's just that people are unable to change their tactics..

People will not just sit there and let you wail on them...if they do, beware that a trap might be sprung...

I feel that the whole such and such a side is OP stems from frustration, ill-prepared, not properly spec'd and equipped builds...You would not believe hoe many rainbow people I have seen there...yea...those are about as useless as ^#$s on a boar-hog...

Prepare, and make sure you know you will die...then once, that is over and you have made it through your few initial PVP matches, understand that you are not alone, and that people on both sides have problems staying alive...

OMG...did I just spew blasphemy?!?!?
Doesnt most of us use a prefered setup, and if you run into someone using a skill, you dont have adequate defense against, you have a much harder time.. IE: No polarize/omega and you bump into a tractorwielding opponent.. Someone that likes to jam you, when you dont pack a Scienceteam.. etc..

Its impossible to have counters to *everything* - Eventually youll run into a skillcombo, your ship just cant handle. My personal problems are Klingon hit and run BOPs sporting warpplasma, chronitons and other slows.. My build is based on speed (Tac Escort / +SPD Hyperimpulse, Engine power console, Omega and liberal use of batteries and evasives), so obviously someone using a ton of slows will be a real pain for me