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(Ironmike) = Ideas for Klingon uiform: adding a cloak for male/female, geeting Chancellor Gorkon Red uniform from the movie startrek #6 Undiscovered country and in the gamma sector in Enemy Sigle Contact reset menu does not show on the screen.

(Sheval1) = Issue in Azlesa Expanse Sector Block when teaming together to do a mission each player in the team show-up in different instance or different mission either space or ground missions, issue with BG5 sheild - getting the right type of badge and can't scan mission objective.

(Me'groth) = Issue - Team can't come together in lower ranking in the same instance together in Karrat, Nebula etc...,can this be fixed so fleet's can enter in same instance.

(Ironmike) = Issue: I have a problem installing my weapon and console's on my ship on the ground. "Krev aka Yarrkon" told me to go out to space and try to install your weapons/console's and it worked, before i could install them in the shipyard when exchanging vessels, if you have this poblem try this method. Crytic need to fix this.