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08-19-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by KataH View Post
Ok this is just a simple request and an opion/observation.
Why does Cryptic care so little for those people playing the Klingon Faction and their requests and complaints?
I only play this game as Klingon. Evey tme the feddies complain of something Cryptic helps them out. They are offered more Accolades, more ships, more capabilities, etc. The list goes on.
Rest slightly (and I use the word slightly) more easily as not only are we getting the next long stream of ships ... we have the ear of their ship design master who is currently in the Klingon forums asking for what WE want to see in improved appearances for the ships we currently have in service.

This is in addition to the ship refits / retrofits coming as well as the ships for other races of our faction!