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08-19-2010, 07:14 AM
Impressive work having a game be that furiously tight. Though I don't think this was meant as a "fix something" post more as a "holy crap look what we managed to do guys" post, it does expose that maybe the way the healing in this game works needs to be re-examined. Fact is, EVERYONE can heal to some degree, even those big DPS escorts. Combine that with the relative ease of healing teammates (smack a hotkey to target teammate, fire off heal, resume fighting), many teams are going to be ridiculously hard to kill if they are coordinated. We can't look at healing like any other MMO here, because not only does everyone have it, but some of the best healers ALSO tend to be the toughest (this is not including their healing abilities, which will function on themselves). The "main healer" types in other games are just about NEVER the toughest. They can be quite tough to kill depending on the game, but this tends to be because they can heal themselves, not because of their basic essential abilities. The only exception that comes to mind is the old game magestorm, but that was a hugely different format anyways.

I don't think this game should be trying to mimic other MMOs with their "trinity" nonsense. I like that everyone has some possibility of contributing to battle in whatever way they like. That said, what I DO think this game should be doing is trying to make things feel more like star trek combat sequences. The basic formats of captain and ship types right now make trying to turn this into stereotypical MMO mechanics a foolish idea anyhow. Our biggest, hardest "tank" type is also possibly one of the best of the game's "healers" as well. That throws attempts to enforce traditional MMO mechanics right out the window. So unless everyone wants to see cruisers have their hull turned down, and science vessels have their shields turned down, while escorts get increases to both, we have to look at the game differently, and that means also re-examining the role of healing. Do I have ideas on how this could be done? Yes. But they would have to be tested first, and honestly I'd rather Cryptic just got on fixing the problem themselves. Personally, I think the big problem isn't the ability to heal ourselves, rather it's the ability for people to heal each other to such an immense degree. It's too easy, and too effective. The game becomes too much of a team/numbers game. Focus fire gives teamwork and numbers a huge edge already, when you're up against the odds and trying to finish off the one guy you started fighting...only to have everyone else on his team take a moment to heal the crap out of him and undo all your work before resuming pounding the hell out of you, it REALLY sucks.