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08-19-2010, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by BobTheYak
So...what if that "any healer" has two others - both on vent - healing him at the same time...and has full defensive buffs including multiple stacks of hazard emitters, TSS, Aux to SIF, etc - constantly being refreshed. Don't even need RSP to be invincible. If you can even dent an *escort* with that kind of healing and buffs...I owe you a Bloodwine.
please read my original post. i shall quote it for you below.

Originally Posted by Vipermist
With the right setup build on a escort / tac can bring down the strongest of cruisers in 1 strafe run, if he doesn't pop rsp and isn't being supported by other players heals.
Now we move on to this...

Originally Posted by kellfxxx
i mean seriously in a cap n hold.... you probably are a pretty good player, but still you wouldn´t even get close to those damage numbers with serious opponents.
Originally Posted by BobTheYak
Ohhhh lol YOU'RE Khadriel? Well that explains it. I've seen you play. You don't do anything but beat on cruisers and rack up the damage points. You never pick the proper target, you can't actually kill anything, and you have no survivability. I guess I should also mention that you have zero team mindset and everyone has to work harder when you're around.

No problem annihilating any healer? You can't even scratch my healer - and it's a science ship. You get tunnel vision and beat on me for ten minutes until either you get a heal or have to run because your shields and hull slowly tick down from my 25 weapon power that I'm running. Good job - you just got yourself a couple hundred thousand damage but weren't able to kill anything or make a significant dent in the outcome of the game. I'd love to see how you do against an actual cruiser like Era.

P.S. Cap and Hold? Really? Are you serious? *facepalm*

I posted that pic as an example of the kind of damage possible. Arena ends after 15 kills and posting such a pic doesn't really give a good example, especially when everyone is fighting for kills.

Instead a few people come out and bash/rage , for those other posters who seem to trash talk how they are so good, and how you so owned me, i play pvp regularly, feel free to post pics of your scores of you whooping my ass with me in the match , oh wait you don't have any ?

What my original argument i was making was an good escort tac can easily waste any cruiser that doesn't rsp chain and can easily push out more damage that one person is capable of healing.

Don't agree? fair enough all you have to do is say so, Instead the thread got trolled by some haters crying how much i suck and how much better some people are then me.

Anyway the challenge system is up, feel free to use it against me if you wish.

See you in game.