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08-19-2010, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by thamupp View Post
It's not as hard to get into a PvP as you make it out to be.

And how, if I may ask, would you do to fix the issue with the lack of players (PvP:ers more precisely)?

If you ask me working Queues is a step in the right direction, who would want to try PvP if you can't even get into a game?
First lets be honest and say Q system in itself blows, in any game I have played that had a Q system, it blew. So give us World pvp.

If they dont want to give us world PvP. then you have to give people an insentive to Q. I dont need it cause I pvp for the love pvp. But other people wont do it unless they get something for it at the end, like a reward.

I have been in this

for 40 minutes now. If you think thats not bad, then not sure what is.