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08-19-2010, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Nyrus Pars
First lets be honest and say Q system in itself blows, in any game I have played that had a Q system, it blew. So give us World pvp.

If they dont want to give us world PvP. then you have to give people an insentive to Q. I dont need it cause I pvp for the love pvp. But other people wont do it unless they get something for it at the end, like a reward.

I have been in this

for 40 minutes now. If you think thats not bad, then not sure what is.
I believe Open World PvP is on the "to-do list" just not on the top of it. I assume that sort of thing would take months to make and right now i doubt they have the time.

40 mins? Sure, i agree, that's not good. But the reason for that is most like because most players don't think the ground combat system is very fun (including me). That's an other issue but my main problem with ground is the skills system. Right now it feels like It's either; be good at space or be good at ground, or mediocre on both.